How GRO is made

By-products from our fruit farms and a fruit juice processing plant are mixed together with maize inside our award-winning Anaerobic Digester at Boxford Farms, and this organic matter is slowly fermented over a period of 150 days by beneficial microbes.  

This extra long process produces a maximum amount of energy from the feedstock which makes it as environmentally-friendly and efficient as possible. The biogas produced is then converted to generate a sustainable source of heat and electrical energy which is used on our fruit farms and in our hotel, golf and spa resort. The long, natural fermentation process also creates a very nutritious digestate, containing essential macro and micro nutrients which are immensely beneficial to soil. We use this digestate very successfully every year as a rich, balanced feed for our fruit orchards and golf courses. 

Gro has been created from this nutritious, plant-based digestate which has been passed through a drier to produce an easy-to-use granular fertiliser, which is virtually odour-free. Gro has been awarded Organic-Approved status by the Soil Association and is 100% plant-based and vegan friendly.

Boxford Farms director Robert England with pre-dried digestive
The Gro production team

Having experienced its excellent properties first hand for many years, Boxford Farms has now launched Gro in 5kg bags as a natural, chemical-free, peat-free fertiliser and soil improver for other growers across the country to share its benefits. 

Gro contains the essential nutrients and soil microbes that will ensure healthy and sustainable growth for all of the plants in your garden.

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