How to use Gro

Gro is both a fertiliser and soil conditioner which contains all the essential nitrogen, phosporus, potassium and other trace elements you need to promote strong, healthy and sustained growth throughout your garden for shrubs, vegetables, fruit and flowers.   It also contains vital soil microbes that provide an enriched growing medium for strong root growth.  Gro is a 100% natural, organic, plant-based alternative to chemical fertilisers and is safe to use around pets and kind to the environment.

Supplied as easy-to-use, dry granules which are virtually odour-free, you can use Gro straight from the bag for top-dressing pots and hanging baskets, to enrich soil or compost, to apply directly to the bottom of planting holes, to use as a mulch to suppress weeds and to apply as an excellent lawn feed.  

We recommend that it is used at least 2 or 3 times during the growing season, at 8 – 10 week intervals from early March onwards, and to water it in well for great results for all your plants.  

Gro is particularly rich in Potash which is vital to plants throughout their life cycle.  It is water soluble and easily absorbed by plants to help them flower and bear fruit.  Potash also helps plants to use other nutrients better, and prevents nitrogen depletion.  Gro contains the following natural nutrients:

Pots and hanging baskets

You can mix Gro in with the compost in all of your containers to both feed the plants and help to retain moisture in the soil.  It can also be used as a top dressing to prevent the soil in the pots from drying out over the hotter months and to act as a slow release fertiliser.


Apply Gro to your lawns in early Spring to produce greener and lusher grass.  You can also rake it into soil before laying any new turf to help speed up the growth of the grass as Gro will enrich the new roots when they reach the soil. Pets, birds, insects and wildlife will also be safe around Gro as it is 100% chemical-free. 

Flowers and vegetables

Before planting, and using the quantities suggested in the instructions on the bag, spread Gro over the soil and work it in with a fork to up to 15cm depth.

You can also rake it into the soil down to a depth of around 8cm, and use as a mulch around all plants.


Apply Gro as instructed directly into planting holes and mix in well with the soil. You can also top dress around the shrub once planted, and apply a couple of times over the growing season.  It is good to top up with Gro every year to ensure that you maintain excellent nutrition and soil structure to give your plants a long and healthy life.

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